Best shipping and packing services in Hawaii


Wiki wiki express delivers top-notch international, domestic and freight shipping and packing services to businesses all over the world. 

They have a simple mission statement: Provide expedient services that simplify customer's global movement of goods and maximize customer satisfaction – no matter how complex or simple the task may be.

The company is regarded as the most affordable delivery service for businesses of every size and scope looking for fast, secure and flat rate moving solutions.

Honolulu, Hawaii shipping and packing services:

We offer a variety of options when it comes to shipping and packing your cargo. We can ship via air, sea or alternative transport methods to help you find the most affordable and efficient solution for transporting your international and domestic parcels.

Transporting your commercial freight can be a difficult task, you need to consider all of the different aspects like the mode of transport - is it nationwide or worldwide? - How will your cargo arrive at its destination?

Express deliveries can be costly and take time as they tend not to offer door-to-door delivery. So our advise would be choosing a service that offers full truck loads shipping.

This means that we load up the container in one place and deliver it to a specified location! Our company has been operating for over 20 years; for this time we have built up great experience in the movement of commercial cargo.

We've developed relationships with companies around the world that mean we're able to get your goods from A to B quickly and affordably – guaranteed!

Wiki wiki express offers a commercial cleaning service.

Our professional cleaning staff specializes in providing commercial cleaning services for properties of all different kinds, ranging from small-scale businesses such as law offices or convenience stores to large-scale commercial complexes such as industrial plants and shopping malls.

At a bare minimum, we thoroughly clean both the interior and exterior areas of your business property to meet the requirements of whatever you choose.

We understand that every business is different, but all of our commercial cleaning services are customizable according to your needs. At a bare minimum, our professional staff will tackle all interior and exterior cleaning tasks.

Our cleaning team at Hawaii Facility Cleaning offers customized and flexible building maintenance services that can be scheduled around your busy schedule. Call today to set up an appointment!


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